How to file UP Police Online FIR in English and Hindi

How to file Online FIR to Up Police in English and Hindi

  1. First, you have to type Online fir up police in Google or any other search engine.
  2. Then you will see there are many search result will appear and you have to click on the first LINK uppolice.gov.in.up police online fir
  3. Then the UP police website will be open, you have to scroll down and search for the Mobile App.online fir status up
  4. There you will find READ MORE option. Click on the Read more Option.up police online fir status
  5. Then you have to click on the web version.
  6. Then you will find two option Existing User to New User.up police online fir app
  7. If you are a login for the first time then you have to choose NEW USER option.
  8. A registration form will be open when you have to write your User Name ( Note:- the user name should be unique then you will able to register), Mobile Number and E-mail Address.up police online fir copy
  9. Now you have to login with your credential. After login you will find that, there is a option to Lodge Fir.
  10. up police online fir for lost article If your any precious things had stolen or Lost then you have to click on REGISTER LOST REPORT
  11. Now you will see that there is a beautiful screen will open and you have to fill all the details like if you have lost you mobile phone then you have to fill all the important details IMEI NUMBER, Mobile Number, Place of Occur, Name Of Mobile Brand etc. And click on the register button.
  12. Now Your Everything is done. You can check now the status of the application of Online fir up police
  13. If your online application is not submitted then you can follow the same procedure once again.


How to check UP Police online fir status

  • You have to follow the same procedure but here are the some changes
  • After login into the website of UP police, you have to click on the Mobile app then Read more and finally you have to click on the FIR Status.
  • Where you have to write the application no or number which is provided while filling up the FIR
  • You are don, you will see the status of your Up police Online FIR
  • FOR FIR REGISTRAION, FIRST YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT IS FIR.Fir is the first investigation report which is filled by anyone who had faced any loss, injury or Harm.
    If some one has break the Law or done any crime then you can file Fir eg; Online Fir or Written Fir.

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How to download UP Police Online FIR Application For Mobile

  • Open your Mobile
  • Go to Google play store
  • Search UP Police
  • Download the first result
  • Fill the singh up form
  • Log into the Application
  • You are done now.


How To Get UP Police Online FIR Copy

The Copy is very easy to get. You have to log in into your up police fir registration account and click on the status. There you will find the download option where you can download the copy of the FIR or Complain, which you have submitted.

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