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Me Too Movement Meaning and origin

On 2006 Me too movement was founded by Tarana Burke to help Survivors of Sexual harassment and Sexually assaulted women, particularly the young women. Now-a-days me too movement is trending in India. Many women who were sexually harassed were using #metoo to leave an impression that she was also sexually harassed by in her past. Many people are don’t aware of me too movement.

On October 17, the “me too movement” was spread rapidly around the world, people of different countries are using hastag #metoo in social platforms. Now the question is what is me too movement?

What is me too movement ?

Tarana Burke, an American social activist and community organizer, began using the phrase “Me Too” as early as 2006, and the phrase was later popularized by American actress Alyssa Milano, on Twitter in 2017. Milano encouraged victims of sexual harassment to tweet about it and “give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem”. This was met with success that included but was not limited to high-profile posts from several American celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley Judd, Jennifer Lawrence, and Uma Thurman.

On 2006 Tarana Burke an American social activist and community organizer, was using the phrase “Me Too”, on the social network as part of a campaign to promote “empowerment through empathy” among women who has faced sexual harassment, particularly within underprivileged communities. Burke, who is making a documentary with the title “Me Too, she was divine to use the phrase after being incapable to respond to a 13-year-old girl who confided to her that she had been sexually assaulted. Burke later wished she had told the girl, “me too”.

A year after it began in United States, Indian women are inculcated the me too movement and they also began to use the phrase “ME TOO” #meetoo, after few days many women joined this movement and each and every social platform were filled with has tag me too.

Few days ago many Indian celebrity also joined the movement and they tweeted with has tag me too #metoo.

Here are few tweets of celebrity who had tweeted with #metoo
The most famous names in the allegations include former journalist and Minister of State for External Affairs MJ Akbar, filmmakers Vikas Bahl and Sajid Khan, actor Alok Nath and lyricist Vairamuthu.

Where this began:-

Actor Tanushree Dutta told in an interview the molestation she had faced at the hands of actor Nana Patekar long time ago. And performer Utsav Chakraborty, who has worked with All India Bakchod, was suspected on Twitter first by writer Mahima Kukreja and then by aggregate women of sending unsolicited image of his genitalia. Since then, many women have been sharing their stories on social media of maltreatment at the hands of men in place of power, cutting across industries from news media and advertising to theatre and music. The unfortunate person felt they could lastly tell their assaulter: #TimesUp.


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