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People all over the country are justifiably outraged because nearly 2000 have now been separated from their parents and they are being held in these makeshift detention centers placed in literal cages at some of these facilities. The condition are prison-like now. For the most of part journalists and even lawmaker have not been allowed inside these centers but some journalists are now being let in. However they are not allowed to take pictures and they can only take notes and they are only allowed to spend 15 minutes in the facilities and this in according to David beg nod a reporter for CBS News not the united states Custom and Border Protection Agency actually did release a video and confirm that they are locked in literal cages and that’s what you are seeing now so the question is why we see human beings locked in cages, why are we seeing children locked in cages like animals.


Well this is due to a new policy announced by Donald Trump Department of justice where they are carrying out a zero-tolerance approach who crosses the border will be criminally detained and prosecuted and if you are crossing the border will with children and you are criminally detained what happened to the kids. They get taken into US custody hence why we are seeing thousands of children cages, so it’s really important to understand how he got here because what we are seeing is a very fascistic policy towards immigration but Donald Trump wouldn’t have been able to do had it not been for cruel and inhuman policies of his predecessors who really set the stage and moved us closer and closer towards the fascistic immigration policies that we’re seeing today, so it started with George W Bush in 2005 who instituted the first iteration of what’s now known as the zero-tolerance approach to immigration and as the New York Times explained in 2005.



He launched operation streamline, a program along with a stretch of the border in Texas that referred all unlawful entrants for criminal prosecution, imprisoning them and expediting assembly-line style trials geared toward quickly deporting them. The initiative results and was soon expanded to more border sector. Back then, however, an exception was generally made for adults who were traveling with minor children as well as juveniles and people who were ill. Now comparatively speaking what George W Bush did back then well that’s obviously a lot less cruel than what Donald Trump is doing now but back then a lot of us saw that as something that was incredibly cruel because he was talking this hard-line stance because according to him BUSH thought well you know if I am really cruel hopefully other immigrants who are thinking of coming over they will see that we are being cruel  and that will hopefully act as a deterrent that will discourage other from crossing the border. Now when Obama took office he actually used Bush’s program as a launching point of his own when he didn’t know how to respond to an influx of immigrants from Central America in 2004 so he also decided that he wanted to invoke a really cruel and harsh policy in order to discourage more people from crossing and he decided to detain everyone that crossed the border illegally and as the New York Times explains the steps led to just the kind of brutal image that Mr. Obama’s advisers feared hundreds of young children many dirty and some in tears who were being held with their families in makeshift detention facilities. Immigration advocacy groups denounced the policy, berating senior administration officials- some of whom were reduced to rueful apologies for a policy they said they could not justify- and telling MR. Obama to his face during a meeting at the white house in late 2014 that he was turning his back on the most vulnerable people seeking refuge in the united states.

TOTAL immigration statistics OF US

Few points of  Immigration policy announced by the Donald Trump:-

Trump back with George Bush’s Operation Streamline zero-tolerance policy and one of the main proponents in Trump’s administration.

According to DHS that 2000 children have been separated from their parents at the border and Trump’s Justice Department doesn’t explicitly say that children must be separated from parents at the border.

All individuals that cross the border illegally are taken into the custody

United state doesn’t have a policy or a way of reuniting most of these families so in some instances the parents are deported back to their country of origin and the kids remain in US custody.


 immigration statistics

What are the different kinds of immigration in the US and from where do most illegal immigrants come from 

I don’t know about the illegal immigration pros and cons but here are the different kinds of immigration explained and the solution. You can come to the us if you are married to or engaged to a US Citizen. Here I have given immigration examples, that who can called as immigrant and who are allowed and not allowed for immigration. The rules are little different depending on whether you are married or not and how long you have been married  you can also come here in the immediate family of the US like a parent sibling or child, there is also a special category for orphans adopted by Americans. When a citizen’s family members are coming to the U.S there is no limit to how many husbands wives children under 21 or parents that can immigrate but if a citizen wants to bring their adult children, their grand children or their brothers and sisters to the U.S there is limit every year, so its first come first serve. You are also not eligible to come, even if you qualify, if you have committed a serious crime or stay past the end your allowed visit or haven’t been vaccinated. The state department can also keep you out if they decide you are a security risk or that you will probably need welfare. The next big category aside from family is people coming here at work. First a business has to apply to be able to hire immigrants and then offer a specific person a job before that person can even start the process. The first group is people who have extraordinary abilities in science art education business or athletics. We are talking national or international reputations like noble prize winners, national soccer champions and that sort of things . These people also don’t need to have a job offer before they come unlike everybody else. Another part of this group is professors and scientific researchers coming to take jobs at colleges and universities or managers and executives at multinational companies transferring to U.S office. The second group with advanced degrees like PhDs, MBA, MD and so on experts in their fields and people with bachelor’s degrees and several years of experience. The third group is regular unskilled, skilled and professional workers this means people whose jobs take less than two years experience or training people who need more than two years and people need a college degree to do their jobs. The fourth group includes a bunch of small special groups like broadcasters, ministers, former US government employees, Iraqis and Afghnis who worked with the US military, and some graduates of foreign medical schools. The fifth group is people who have invested at least 1$ million or $50000 in a high unemployment or rural areas into business in America. The business has to create at ten jobs for American workers within two year and that doesn’t count jobs created for the investor’s family. Each groups gets a percentage of the total amount of visas given out every year for immigrants coming here to work, so being in a more selective group makes it way easier to get in. So start winning pie-eating contest future Americans there is also a limit to how many people can come from particular country every year. On top of the category limit so you might be within the limits for your category but if people from your country are 7% of the people who immigrated to the united states that year no one else in your country can come the next kind of immigrant is a refugee meaning someone who flees their home country due to a reasonable fear of being persecuted for their race, nationality religion political view or being part of a particular social group.

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There is a limit to how many refugees can come and then also a limit to how many can come from a particular part of the world. One big change is that President Trump has signed an executive order which stops all refugees for 120 days and doesn’t allow refugees from Syria at all after 120 days, or about four months, the yearly limit on refugees will be cut from 1,10,000  to 50,000 a year, finally this is a lottery immigrant. Every year 50000 visa applicants are randomly selected from countries which have sent less than 50,000 immigrants to the US in the last 5 years. The question arises here is that where do most illegal immigrants come from. The fewer immigrants your country has sent the more likely it is that you will win to qualify someone has to have at least a high school education and the 2 years of experience in the 5 years working at a job which requires 2 years of training or experience. President Trump order also stops all immigration from Iran, Iran, Liby, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for at least for 30 days. The government to add more screening and vetting procedure.


In 20 15 over 1 million immigrants moved to the US. Most of them came because they had family already here especially immediate family and the biggest category of those were husbands and wives reuniting. Here are some illegal and legal facts and statistics. The second biggest category is people coming to work and third was refugees. In 2014 about 80 million children were living with immigrant parents and that number has gone UP about 34% since the year 2000. this puts it about of one quarter (1/4) of all the people in the US under the age of 18. The number of illegal or undocumented immigrants in this country is guessed to be about 11 million which is 3% of the total U.S population of 324 million.


illegal immigrant


Here the question arises that : how many illegal immigrants cross the border each year. This counts people who cross the border but also people who come here legally and stay past the end of their visa, some methods are easier than other. Most illegal immigrants are from Mexico was all most 6 million, after all it’s hard to get here from other places if you are poor But the number of undocumented immigrants from Mexico has been going down since 2009 with more coming instead from central America Asia and Africa. Studies guest are 8 million are working out that 11 million total, which means about 5% of the total of workforce. The total number of immigrants in the united states is about 43 million out of the US population out of the US population of 324 million that’s about 13.5%. There are also a little over 1 million permanent residents in the US Who aren’t citizens, most of them are from Asia or North America meaning Mexico or one of the Caribbean countries. So that’s permanent immigrants but what about visitors, there are also a long list of allowed reasons to visit the U.S. Athlete coming for a professional competition in pair or many certain Australian professionals, business visitors, foreign soldiers stationed here, foreign diplomates or employees of a foreign organization that has an office here, someone on an educational or cultural exchange, visiting for medical treatment, serving on the crew of a visit ship or airplane, a journalist doctor or religious worker, seasonal laborers, tourists, families of people with green cards or someone brought to the United States because they were victim of crime or human trafficking. Certain professional are come here for temporarily from Mexico or Canada or from another country if they have specialized knowledge. In 2014 about a 181 million people visited the U.S at some point, most of them were business travelers or tourists. About 2.5 million workers come with their families and there were 2 million students. These are the real immigration facts for students.


What are the immigration question asked in the airport or about the marriage in the US
  1. What is your name? / What’s your name?
  2. What is your date of birth? / What’s your date of birth?
  3. Where are you from? / Where do you come from?
  4. What is your purpose of visit to Malaysia/Singapore/Thailand/UK/USA?

Why do you come to Malaysia/Singapore/Thailand/UK/USA?

  1. How long / How many days will you stay in Malaysia/ Singapore/ Thailand/UK/USA?
  2. Where will you stay in Malaysia/ Singapore/ Thailand/UK/USA?

at Hotel / at Hostel/ Others

  1. Do you have any hotel booking/ hostel reservation or Invitation letter/ Offer Letter/ Visa Approval Letter/ Work Permit?

Yes, I have hotel booking / Hostel Confirmation/ Invitation Letter/ Offer Letter or VAL/ I-20.

  1. How much money do you have?
  2. When will you go back to your home country?




So immigration system is complicated. Some big things to remember is that there are way more visitor than immigrants that most immigrants come because of the family that’s already here that it’s easier to work here.



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